Are you thinking about creating a website and you are stuck whether to use pre-made e-commerce templates or custom ones? It’s always a difficult decision to make since both have different advantages and disadvantages. Check out this brief discussion on the pros and cons of custom and pre-made e-commerce templates for websites to help you make an informed decision.


Both custom e-commerce templates and the pre-made ones have distinct advantages as highlighted below.

  1. Custom e-commerce templates

First, custom website themes are unique. The implication is that unlike pre-made templates, you get the chance to tailor your website according to your preferred style. Additionally, with custom templates, you are the only company or admin of such a theme online.

Second, custom templates for websites have enhanced and customizable functionalities. Such features allow you to design your site quickly.

  1. Pre-made e-commerce templates

The pre-made templates are relatively cheap. Despite some being quite expensive, it is advisable to go for one that meets all the requirements for your website and is within your budget. Also, pre-made templates for websites have a proof for the future. They come with a fantastic support, regular updates, and a large and active community.


  1. Custom e-commerce templates

First, custom websites have a high price tag. However, the amount of money you spend on a website theme depends on the template’s functionality, type, as well as the size. Unlike in the past when one could make investment aimed at enhancing the brand presence and deliver the best results, the online environment is uncertain. As such, you need to spend a certain amount on your site development that you are sure of bringing good returns.

Some custom themes have extra and essential features such as bug fixes and future updates, and these them such templates worth buying. However, if they do not have the extended features and functions it is advisable you choose another one.

  1. Pre-made e-commerce templates

The most significant challenge associated with pre-made e-commerce templates is reliability. The reason for such concern is that online stores require efficient management and if you have a poor support, or your site’s code is not clean, the chances are high that you will face endless problems.

Now that you have read about the advantages and disadvantages of both the custom and pre-made e-commerce templates, the decision regarding which option to choose is solely yours. However, you need to factor in the requirements of your site and the products that you are selling.