WordPress is a common name in the web design and hosting industry for its simplicity and numerous features. If you are thinking of creating your online store, WordPress has the best plugins such as Jigoshop, WP E-commerce, and WooCommerce that offer various website themes to consider.

One of the challenges that even the advanced developers have is choosing the e-commerce theme that appropriate for a given business. To solve this problem, we have created a list of the best e-commerce themes for WordPress that will definitively give you the service that you need.

  1. Shopkeeper

The shopkeeper is one of the most popular themes of WordPress that is ideal for an online store. It is e-commerce ready and appropriate for use by individuals wishing to create an online portfolio for themselves or their company. It embraces high flexibility and comes with numerous packages that will make your site development easy. Its design is fully responsive giving your audience a great viewing experience. Moreover, it comes with a Visual Composer plugin for building advanced layouts for your pages, and posts.

  1. Uncode

Uncode is a developer-friendly theme that is superbly simple, versatile, powerful, inviting, and warm. It is full of incredible resources that enhance the web development process. It can be used for any websites and applications including blogs and portfolio or even complex business solutions platforms. It’s highly flexible and customizable, which makes it ideal for use by anybody, tech-savvy or not. Uncode also comes with several e-commerce-relevant features that are customizable to your specific needs.

  1. Divi

The Divi theme features a strong and extensive platform with more than 40 features that you can drag and drop, and with customizable content. It is designed for use as an e-commerce theme. Additionally, it comes with JAX powered search engines, product pages, carts, and a dynamic filtering functionality. Its simplicity makes the Divi theme ideal for use by anyone since you can create a responsive and excellent e-commerce site without using any codes.

  1. Jevelin

Jevelin is an easy-to-use and feature-rich website theme ideal for numerous purposes. It gives you a chance to use it through multiple demo websites as well as page templates making you save much effort and money. The image content for this theme is of high resolution. Also, the Jevelin theme allows you to publish your website immediately after adding all the necessary content and graphics.

  1. XStore

The XStore is a visually stunning, creative and versatile theme for WordPress that is highly flexible, tech-savvy and simple to use. Webmasters with any level of development experience and background can use it since it comes with highly adaptable and polyfacetic solutions. It’s ideal for people who want to craft a robust e-commerce site fast and efficiently. This is possible due to its numerous page templates and demo websites for easy import and customization.


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